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Fidget Cube Uk lso how Lying on the floor waiting for the end of the world I cross him. Also strange, after the quarrel, I do not want to spit, and took Lin Zhian handed Wahaha, rinse the mouthwash. He was convinced You are an unusual woman. I laughed. Long, long time ago, Lin Zhian began to talk to me again. That day he drove, we were like a huge cemetery in the broad city of Beijing, aimlessly Xia Guang four hours. In four hours he had been talking, in his own words, the truth had been suppressed for too long, and finally chose today, to a thorough eruption. I and Xiaohui, 17 years old when they came out of the battles of her real name, of course, not called Lin Jiahui, as to what is now is not important at that time very naive, out of the body when only 500 dollars, that big cities We sat in a car for two days and two nights in Beijing, and Xiaohui had been stunned by the motion sickness and spit, and I fought for her and the people around me, from the beginning to the later. Why Why fight Then I asked out, I immediately regret their idiot. Lin Zhian smiled. She s so pretty, she said, when I was singing in the nightclub, there was always someone who hit her, and then we fell in love, she was a good girl, really, and in the end, I hurt her. How did you hurt a perfect coat will come from their own Hand, some can not tell the small happy. The light in the attic slowly faded away, and I turned on the light and did it for a while, and my eyes felt some fidget cube uk pain. I rubbed my eyes and sore arm and found myself thirsty and hungry. I went downstairs, from the balcony to the living room, ready to pour their own cup of water to drink. There is no fidget cube uk hot water in the water dispenser, just when I am ready to burn when it seems to hear from the sound of what came from a room, is who will come I put The hands of the kettle gently on the ground, slowly walked to the living room and found that fidget cube uk only one room door is closed. I try to remember, when I come in the end it is open or closed Or, came in the thief I am a bit nervous, daring to enter, ear to listen. I vowed to hear the sound inside. But that voice Ruoyouruowu, who seems to be laughing My brain desperately turn, if the dead thief, how can I do Wrestling almost Is not possible, alarm it, who can tell me where the phone Where is my cellphone I panic around the living room, ready to run up the fidget cube for adhd small attic to shut the door to say. I really is fidget cube kickstarter too panic, and feet hit the coffee table legs, sleeves on the way to the tea table on a set of tea sets to Hua Liao Hua to swee.

only, you need luck. What to say, fidget cube uk people in the money below the word, everything had to bow. The second time I went to Ning child home than I expected to be early, because Ningzai mother of a phone. Miss Chen, she said, as if she were begging me, Can you come over this afternoon, I m going to Shanghai for a business trip, and I m not at home with fidget cube by antsy labs my child alone. No problem. I readily agreed. I have to give money to one hundred dollars an hour, of course I have to do some due diligence. I went to catch the bus less than noon, the gas is so car is so empty, there is always a guy always something to rely on me, I could not help but loudly asked him You are not muscle weakness ah, how stations are Unstable Next to the people secretly laugh, his face up like a pig liver, the second stop to escape the same to get off. If Song Tianming, this guy is estimated to be playing really stand up. Song Tianming this person is usually the Sisiwenwen particularly honest, can be encountered on my things on the fidget cube snow extreme impulse, which I know when sophomore, when a kid outside the Department of love letters to me, but also school Radio to me what song, Song Tianming finally took the opportunity to beat the guy outside the cafeteria in the meal, almost the others into t.leepy. This trapped, not because of fidget cube magenta fatigue, but because there is nothing to do. Wu You and Li Yan are home, dormitory empty, Jiang blue luggage and miraculously returned to her own bed. The room smell of her annoying perfume, I really have not seen such a girl with perfume, but also with the vulgar flavor. I opened the windows and doors there, I hope this smell can be dispersed early, then I may feel at ease to sleep. I did not take off his shoes on the bed, I thought, if you do not go home, how to lie to him The most full of reasons not to emerge when the phone to shake up. It s him. I pick up, so he used to speak. Wake up, okay at school How could it be But I was very calm and said Well. This is the case, I am on a business trip, not at home, temporary decision, there are important things, do not know you take the key with the family It does not matter, you re busy, I said rushing. It does not matter if I do not go home. There is something in the school. Every day a self blame began to nag, cold a lot of trouble. Now the weather changes, the little girl is always the beauty of life Well, I said impatiently, long distance calls are expensive. Haha, he laughed, which day did you learn to calculate Do not tell you, I have somethingds. Lin Jiahui song put in the computer when the last summer roses, open the empty room lonely wine glass I know a lot of people like me miss her, I know I was her most do not care about one. However, I also know that my tears are real. 8 This summer, short strange, as if only half past, the arrival of the fall ahead of time. Lin Jiahui like a meteor. Quickly became popular, quickly disappeared, people s memory is cruel, and soon no one remembered her, do not know someone specifically block or how, 20 days later, in all newspapers, are no longer find her name. But I remember her. I went to disc stores, from the corner dug out her only a film, she played a dream girl to Beijing. The film looks nothing new, somewhat similar to the seventeen year old bicycle , but Lin s performance radiance, there is a period of her lying on the sweetheart s lover crying, that moment, I believe she played True to herself. Her autobiography was deleted, the original information is also collected in my here, bored, I will read. Sometimes turned over and fell asleep, will dream of her, or the same dream, she painted blue eyes big eyes staring at me, his face aggrieved, asked me Why do I grab One I am also in the dream of self discouraged, slumped I did not grab y.

Fidget Cube Uk d to go to the streets for the first time. My piece Blue coat has been very old, and buttons have been worn away fidget cube uk fidget cube gadget the color, but because my dad bought me, so I have not willing to change. I am a typical non filial daughter, his father did not know after his death ignorance caused him Disaster, if he is not so worried, life may be longer. If she saw today s daughter, he would nod or disappointed shook his head Especially when he knows that I am now living with his rival, and the rival, as if invisible, but powerful to his life did not find, so that his family was dead, in the end he will do what to think Oh Dad, give me tips, how can I do I have not thought about, a fire, burned his home, burn everything. I do not have not thought about, give him the most vicious curse, let him under the world may not be safe. But my father, I have accepted his gift, you will blame me, or will support me How can I know your heart In this chatter of self blame and ask myself, I went to a large supermarket, in the first floor of the cloth cabinet stopped, I thought I was placed in the attic Jiang Xinjia my little sewing machine Suddenly want to own Do a coat, or blue, no one in this distressed night, their distressed about yourself. I quickly bought all the things they.I have nothing, my father is too nervous. Is saying, wake up the father has come up, for I poured a cup of hot tea, handed to my hand. I told him thank you, he said I should thank you fishes, in school, are you to take care of wake up, our family this girl is poor self care ability, people worry about. No, I quickly corrected, We are looking after each other I said, one side to see wake up I will send her the hourglass on the bed, it seems, she and it is very close. Those diseases, will be radical, always abandoned. You go out, do not let us speak. Wake up and whisper her father. Oh, her father Oh, very fidget cube khaki obediently back out. Between me and Minoan is not the case, I never dare to use this tone to speak to her, even if it is coquetry can not. He is severe, generally regardless of us, when we only need to tell us that we can not do that. From a certain point of view, I envy wake up. Your performance was a success, and I heard your song was a lot of people crying, I said, I have not congratulated you yet. How do you know I asked strangely. She hesitated a moment, smiled and said Guess ah. Really fake, guess can guess. Are you okay I asked her. All right, she said. Rice sand, these days I think a lot. tell me the story I feel too tired to be alive. I m a.


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