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Fidget Cube Papayawhip h. Where are you, I ll pick you up. Old Joe shouted over there I play with you, rather than tears in silence, it is better to indulge to buy drunk. I think the old Joe s words are right, I mixed in the past tonight, do not have to make a fool of wood call. I sat in front of a shop Shuangnan old Joe, fifteen minutes later, he has appeared in front of me. He asked me, Really I did not say anything. He said Well, you can find countless handsome. Then he turned around, I followed him. Cross the road, he reached over to pull me. I let him pull. After the road, he looked at the day, asked me Do you want to sing Ten Years 5 Serial Raoxue Ten Years Raoxue Press CITIC Publishing House General, I said. Or I ll walk with you, he said, just a little bit hot. I want to call him, I do not think I can survive, I said, irritably, Joe gave me a cigarette. No, he said. Then what should I do Ring. Old Joe said, quit love, quit smoking, this is the only way. I ll fight, I said. You give me the phone, he said, I ll fidget cube for stress relief do it for you. I really handed him the phone, he took over, put the battery down for me, then the phone back to me. Return me, I said. Do not. Also me. Do not. What the hell are you doing I want to do something I did not dare to do ten years fidget cube papayawhip ago, he blinkedtook the flowers to step down, Ben said to Xiaoye You should ask a small flower to our singing here. Ask the person who gave the flowers to agree not to agree. Xiao Ye said, blinking at me, pointing to a seat in the corner, said to me around to see where someone is waiting for you. I went. Zhou Guoan, the lingering spirit of Zhou Guoan. Sit down, he said to me. I sat down beside him. The first time away from him so close, is the first time he was fidget cube papayawhip not old, looks pretty good looking, like the kind of film actor. I have some Huanghuhuhu, he took the glass, a slender fingers, warm taste of the smile. Song Tianming look much better than I put flowers on the table, involuntarily directed at him laughed. Singing well. He praised me. Thank you Come on, let us drunk side I put his glass. I do not want you to drink watermelon juice, he said. Then I drink myself I got up. Wait He said quickly, holding my hand and saying, If you really want to drink, I ll accompany you. In addition to Song Tianming, the first time I and other men have such a close distance, fidget cube darkviolet his hand pinching my wrist, strength just, breathing in my ear, my heart bitterly thinking Song Tianming frivolous, I Sit down, gently crooked to his arms, regardless of danger, said Good. How do not go ou.

of a girl called millet. She stood up to smile. She did not mind any tension or apprehension. As if to see an old friend. Millet took out a cell phone to her mother made a text message, told her to go fidget cube indianred to travel. Then she took her Nokia 8810 to take a picture of her face, her smiling face, like a sunflower drunk in the gerbera. She sent the photo to the man, said to him, I went to see you. Take the train and cross the fields. Prior to this, she never gave him a phone call or text message, although he insisted on leaving the phone to her. She smiled and put the number saved in the phone. Her cell phone has a lot of strange man s phone, and some of her life will not hang, and some may simply not remember. But what is the relationship Millet left the phone, just to meet her own moment with the wayward, able to always find a willing to take care of her people, this is enough. Just like she always put all the property in the same body. She can not imagine when he suddenly want to travel, but the body does not have enough money, fidget cube papayawhip that the more horrible. Those things seem to have been with her, but it seems to have been not her. Millet slowly walked home to pack a few pieces of clothing, with a large canvas good packaging. It is an Australian environmental.s too funny too funny, and it is small to even Abu bin small eyes are much larger than it Because it turned fidget cube hong kong out to be a smallest box 3. Is there something so strange Meng Xiaoyan spread palm, toward the Abu made a used gesture, I waited for what has been rushed over there, put his money on the desktop to the Meng Xiaoyan in front of the line Meng big brother put away the money one by one, asked me Gravel, enough Money is never enough Thankfully, the trust of the Tianshan boy, just a few seconds, I won back my shirt, my money, my dignity, in short, everything in everything. So I can do the fresh air of the pebbles. We should have gone. She stood up and stuffed the money into my hand and said, Go. And so on. Abu put the card in his hand on the table, and got up. Won the money, I m afraid I do not have this rule Yes, I said. I do not fidget cube adult know to say yes in the end what is the meaning of the word, is to agree with autism point of view it, or the heart of Meng Xiaoyan want to bet down, in a word, my mood is very complicated indeed, let I can not analyze myself in that confused situation. Meng Xiaoyan Daoshi much cooler than me, she asked her autistic autism, said Do not you afraid to lose it Abu as shameless voice replied fidget cube papayawhip Meng Xiaoyan not afraid, ah, big de.l down. He ordered the cigar pumping, was stopped, so obedient to Qiaodiao. I can feel his ups and downs. Do not know the father and son meet, will not cry He must bring me, it is estimated there fidget cube purchase is an outsider, so know how to control their feelings. If I can see my father think of here, my eyes suddenly some redness, then lowered his head to make tea. I m not a competent father, he said. I was afraid he would go on, for fear he would mention the natural, because fidget cube golenrod the white natural, so hurt so and so, so I IPOD out to listen to, he told me to gesture, tell me he will go outside to smoke. I suddenly have some up cravings, in fact, I rarely smoke, but really learned to smoke. I usually smoke a cigarette because it tastes sweet and minty. When my appetite is particularly strong, my fascination with the smell of mint even makes me want to swallow the whole cigarette, but fortunately I have learned to control myself. How long did not fall ill it, a long time so I can not believe it. fidget cube papayawhip I reached into the bag, did not touch the smoke, touches touched the father of a watch, leave home when I did not take away, in addition to it, it is the only channel I connected the past and that. This table with a father for many years, the above has his special fl.

Fidget Cube Papayawhip me, how can people not convinced. I see my own in the window slightly haggard face, a long time to sleep well, black skin, nose, acne, chin obvious acne. Then I suddenly saw her, wearing a green skirt, with a popsicle, standing far from looking at me. I went on, about five minutes later, I was sure she was tracking me. I stopped at the corner. She also stopped, the popsicle has finished, the sticks thrown into the air, draw an arc, disappeared. I looked at her, she pretended not to see me, face transferred to one side. Waiting for her to turn over the time, I waved at her, she immediately ran over, tilted his head, smiling at me. Asked me, Old Joe I shrugged. Why do not you keep the bathroom door He jumped out of the window. I laughed, never thought of the open and unrestrained Joe uncle bubble sister s ending was so embarrassed, reduced to the point where the fled the window. After the laugh I said to her buttoned sister, you follow me useless, I do not know where Joe will be. You can call him, she reminded me. But why should I call him Because I m looking for him. Really can not talk to her. I had to say, Can you finish your homework Sister, she said, I beg you, I ll have to see him in the next minute, or I ll die. Scary is not this scare, I patt.nside for a long time did not come out. I intend to hide in my little attic up, do not interfere with his world. After their room, they found the TV still open, I thought, went in and locked it up. Save electricity. I grew up in the habit. By the way, I also secretly silently in front of the closed TV screen according to the mirror, stroked the wet hair. In fact, I am also some smug. Intended to leave when the toe seems to encounter anything, cool. Bent down, turned out to be a bunch of keys. I bent down to pick, but found the depths of the cabinet, as if there is a square thing. Pull out a look, is a gray iron box. Section 25 Mo wake up 17 Mo wake up 17 My first reaction was to think of Jay Chou s Peninsula Iron Box. I curious coincidence with a towel to wrap the box, quietly left his father s room. I got into the little attic, sitting in my small bed, my mind for a long time frame, do not know in the end should not open it. I used more than a dozen tissue paper, only then its surface wipe clean. Box on the surface of a vague picture of a smiling girl, she compiled twisted braids, face some baby fat. In her face next to the words with gold foil, Philippine red cake. This is obviously the kind of biscuit box of the 80s. Well, it should be their thi.


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