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Fidget Cube Floralwhite , come and get help in the kitchen. He must see everything, but he has no strokes to win a trick, like nothing happened. How long does it take for a man to be able to achieve such a thing I m still here for the first time, he said, and you ll cook rice. Although the heart is very uncomfortable, but looked at the river love flute that one more than I would also like to know the bad cop, I think I should not leave at this time, eat dinner chanting, the best he can drink soup Under the point of laxative, do not give him some color look, he thought I would let him pinch flat rubbing round defeat in a so called turtle hand The dinner was very rich that day. His craft is still so good, eat a few days of school meals I appetite. He kept our food for us, satisfied to see us eat. Jiang Ai flute students said, My mother has been thinking of you do Pork. Jiang Xin laughed When she returned home, I do give her to eat. It depends on the fate, Jiang Ai Di students fidget cube fuchsia said, You forget You hurt her too deep, she vowed never to return. Oh, Jiang Xin turned to the topic, your mother yesterday with me on the phone, that you and a foreign girl on the good Almost right, Jiang Ai flute students said. I can not understand the foreign girl, to marry to marry a true Chinese w.or me to buy it Perhaps Xu Lin let him do it, just as Xu Lin asked him to help me for the same tutorial. He and Xu Lin s intimacy, it is more than a lot of pro mother. Early autumn campus, the heat is not scattered, cool has been added, and then out of the cafeteria, the sudden wind blowing to a sudden, I actually feel some cold, I suddenly thought of rice sand, do not know why, stay in the sky every time Carved so I miss her, as if the sky is only two of my home and her general. I remember, this season, she loved to wear thin cotton shirt, blue or light green, waist embroidered blossoming white flowers, she can always wear pure powder gas, very rare. I put the lunch box into my bag, pulled out a cell phone to the side of the sand to the dessert while sending text messages. Went to the dormitory door, but saw a pile of people standing there. Jiang Lan, security at the teacher, pigtail, dormitory around the whisper of the girls. I heard the pigtail saying First thing to put in to say Well. No, said Jiang Lan, and so 110 to check fingerprints, ten thousand dollars for those ordinary people is not a small number How can they cheap what Ten thousand Loss she would like to come out I approached, fidget cube burlywood standing there did not move. Pigtail looked at fidget cube grey and black me, pointin.

dark. Like a bunch of extinguished light, millet fidget cube floralwhite heart of fidget cube floralwhite love light. Yes, go out. Off the light. The Light of Love. He does not believe millet can understand, in fact, so their nerves, want to Why doing, they do not believe. 4 When the sky is about to light up, millet stood up and asked the crew the rest of the travel time. That looks over thirty years of the crew yawned, disdain watched a millet. Then he said, There s an hour. Millet faint smile to say thank you. She saw the woman s face on the poor foundation and bright lipstick on the lips. Life is beyond recognition. Loss of the sweetness of the girl in the millet seems to be frightening. Millet in the dark and open aisle stopped for a while, close your eyes feel the cold wind across her body on both sides. She paused, then moved back to her position. She sat down and pulled out her cell phone to text the man. An hour later the train will come to your city. Millet on. Concise and concise. Millet does not want to say other redundant words. This is like her mother. Her mother is a lonely, but very independent woman. No close female companion, not too much phone. Speak concise, without any extra words. Is such a no escape route and room for a woman. Of course, to some extent, millet does not unde.a meteor, she quietly told me that in the emotional world No forever, my beloved boy, he was To accompany me, gently kissed my face, that love I will never change My goodness. Is he when she was 18 years old to accompany her to say that she will never change the boys do The body slowly, my mind is gradually clear, I pointed to the building behind the invisible to ask him Etc., how do you have the keys there I stayed there, he said. My sister also lived there He glanced at me and said, Smart. It s really you, I said, I know that my fidget cube for anxiety sister had liked a man in the sky before, and it is said that he was so handsome that he had to die all day long, but I never saw him. However, his name seems What kind of Zhang, not called the ancient wood Qi ah I said one side to take his eyes secretly aim at him. He would not answer me. My sister in the end how dead I asked. He refused to answer. You help me out of Abu. I asked him. You help me, I ll help you, he said, to know that you have no choice. Well, I leaned over him in my heart for a thousand times and asked him, What do you want me to do Wait, I ll tell you. Then he asked, Did you hear about your performance A little, I said. Hope to come in handy. He finished, laughed. At that moment, I understand that I acc.small Ye pay, I do not want to say XO. Sitting for a while, next to someone suddenly accosted I see here you are the most beautiful. I turned around to see, is a 30 year old man, long nose but not monkey gills, it is difficult to see simply to pay taxes, so moved to the edge of a position of disgust. Who knows he actually followed me to move over Miss we have affinity, I ask you today, what you eat and drink are considered to my account, okay His words finished, the lady just to XO for me, I took over, homeopathic to the front of the ashtray in a down, and then said to Miss trouble to remember the gentleman on the account. Trouble to me please Ye manager Come out Oh, it does not matter, it fell. That guy seems to drink some more, talking tongue began to knot, you down how much I can afford. I had to leave the bar, sat down to the window seat up. Fortunately, he did not come with. Not for a while someone was on my table a glass of transparent lemonade, floating above a thin yellow lemon. Take a voice to take tone to me, said The store has just opened, small business, but also look at the sea. I looked up, is a small Ye. Wearing a very chic cheongsam, the whole body set off the bump was caused by a Qingzhi face smiling at me, the United States was I.

Fidget Cube Floralwhite is left because of. In short, Joe is not the uncle of Joe s uncle, and fidget cube floralwhite I stand in front of him crying and crying, miss him wearing a clean white shirt to keep a flat head next to me reading aloud the old look. I changed, he sputtered a nonsense. Oh, too, I said, I m very happy. He did not three or four to hand to my shoulder, a half tone child Sichuan words Welcome to the beautiful paradise in Chengdu, go, brother, you drink. I did not throw off him. Uncle Joe s hand with a warm paste on my shoulder, let me some dizzy drunk. But I swear to God I did not cranky, Joe uncle and I childhood sweetheart, we really have what, fourteen years old, the occurrence of all happened. But that night I asked Joe uncle to drink, he told me that all his money used to buy a piece of their favorite paintings, who only a dollar coin. I took all my money out and asked him to drink, Joe uncle drink side, said Xu quietly, so many years, or your most buddy child Joe uncle likes to draw, but he learned is nothing to do with painting a very promising professional, college, than I graduated a year earlier, has left fidget cube video the school. I fidget cube floralwhite asked him, Are you looking for a job He stared how much is a fidget cube at me with a beard Do not say it s unpleasant when you drink In fact, we do not know where to go. So I.runching sound, my ears as if no longer hear any sound. I only saw him holding the bottle half lying on the ground, I did not hear his hard cry, did not hear the sound of the wine bottle fell to the ground, I just ran upstairs, my The room was locked up. This time I did not drop a tear. I m just tired. I lay on my little bed, from the little window in the attic, counting the clouds that had floated. One, two, three. Every one of the sun was dyed bright red, so intoxicating. I do not know what crazy he made, I do not want to guess and care, I just count my clouds, one, two, three, and I do not know what to do, Four, blossoming red, blossoming intoxicating. In fact, the next day I react, it is the night, where there will be any clouds I am also crazy, really crazy, they are crazy. This is a matter of time. That night I do not know when to sleep is a few, very strange, I dream of Xu Lin, she dressed like a bride, hair cut very short, she reached out to touch my face, people But suddenly disappeared in the air. When I opened my eyes, I heard someone fidget cube floralwhite fidget cube mexico knocking on the door of my little attic and whispered to my name, Wake up, wake up. I struggled to get up and open the door. Road to bend in, watching the bleary eyed I said all noon, how do you still sleep.


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