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Fidget Cube Beige arm hard, biting his teeth and saying, I ll give you a school tomorrow No I shouted, desperate under crooked, open mouth bite his hand pinch my arm, he must hurt, but he fidget cube honeydew did not let me, so I looked up, even to see him A tear in the eye. Swift and silent fall to the ground. It is really a tear, I think I absolutely not wrong. I shook, trying to stand firm in my body. Xu Lin hold me, said to him are calm, I find a place to talk to your father and daughter a good, okay Ten minutes later, he and I sat in the office of Xu Lin, executive floor 207. Xu Lin poured a cup of hot water for each of us, the door for us to take out. fidget cube for purchase He sat on the sofa in the wall, I sat in Xu Lin s office chair, we sat for several minutes, his first open mouth. I do not believe you, he said. I asked him What do you mean This is what I never expected to happen, he said, the school called me and said something like that, what do you call my father I m going to go back to class and I will not transfer, I said, standing up and saying, What do you want to do, nothing to do with me What attitude you He fire. I tell you, I will not accept those charges on me, if you do not believe me, if you are the same with those hateful people, so good, you wait for my corpse good This ruthless, op.glucose solution, slowly transported to her body. I stood up, silently out the door. Heart like disastrous uncomfortable. Then I saw the gravel standing at the corner, with a black scarf over his half of the face, against the wall. When I walked by him he asked me, When do fidget cube beige you want to hate me I think he was awake wake up all the way trot the way, my heart has disappeared more than half of hate. So I stopped and said leave her, leave that Vamp, we are still brothers and sisters, or no talk. He sneered a bit If I leave her, you can leave him What do you mean I asked him. You know what I mean, he said, you can do anything for him, why do not I let her go I think I have some instability. In fact, we are the same. Gravel looked at me and said, You do not look at me with contempt all day. Having said that, he pulled his black scarf, a big stride, walked away. I leaned on the corner he fidget cube beige had just leaned against, and tried to calm his mood, at this time, the ward door opened, and came out to wake up the father and Xu teachers, they did not see me, standing beside the door whispered With what, I suddenly saw Xu said, talking to her head down, she seemed to cry Wake up Dad took a handkerchief from his pocket, bent for her to wipe away tears. Their relationshi.

heart insects What qualifications does he have to tell me the news of rice sand The best laugh is his mistake as a gift, I tried to escape the past to pull back to the front. So, God, please give me a forgotten fidget cube lawngreen mask. Let me forget how many wandering walkers and those halfway stretches To the warm hands, so I can and my rice sand, as if strangers. When the plate of orange potatoes again in front of me, I finally convinced his little memory of the devil, I moved the chair a little. Rice sand came out from the kitchen, took off the apron, greatly stretched a lazy waist. She stretched like, or as before, eyes closed as if in the quiet and so good news, nose good Like a tangerine oranges, with shallow wrinkles. Oh, said Rice, there are other dishes Fortunately, not too hungry. I smiled and pushed the tray fidget cube with lowest price of potatoes pushed forward. Jiang Ai flute to turn off the TV, and come over, praise Wow, really fragrant, rice sand, your craft than I fidget cube beige stick, I surrender. That tone, as if he and rice sand, is a good friend for many years in general. He must not be so fidget cube beige hospitable What s up here I see him in addition to know blindly active, no longer Other moves can be made. The rice cake brought the potato cake up, as if briskly walking past, squatting beside me, Get.s the kennel, and I could not find any information about his family and his family. I opened his phone has been shut down, buy a prepaid card for its good value, over the above address book made numerous phone calls, not asking him for money, that is, where he went dead, or to offer He went to drink drag racing. He has no relatives, not even a true friend. I feel sorry for him. But I then thought about it, if at this moment, I lie there Jianglan, do not also the same situation Perhaps only Abu, will not set me regardless of regardless. So, I can not leave him. Busy all of this, is already early in the morning. A night without sleep I came out from the Abu home, hit a car, back home, from the pillow out of the envelope. Whether useful or useless, whether it will not be used by others, I now have no control of the. I need money, I have to save Abu. This is the only idea in my mind. I want to find people, is Wu Mingming. At eight in the morning, I ate a simple breakfast, a bowl of milk, a fritters. fidget cube unboxing Then, I put on my high heels with the highest, carrying my favorite bag, came to the company s downstairs Wu Mingming. This woman likes to live the night, not so early, but I am willing to wait, because I need some time to sort out my rhetoric. I sat in her.go fast, where Daddy I told him to ask for six hours of leave, Beijing blocked To die, I also made a meal, I really is a super invincible and resolute wind sweeping Rice sand. I pulled her, What does the gravel say Nothing, said the gravel, staring at the big eyes and looking at me, you do not know all the nonsense all day. I turned my head to the gravel, begged him and asked him Gravel, can you tell me who is lame Rice gravel and stretched out his finger, mouth Zhang semicircle, like a mentally handicapped children pointed to me, and then refers to the rice sand, and finally highlight the sentence That, rice sand said, I nonsense Yeah. Misha look at the table, said I am going to boarding soon. It seems that we have to separate. Really sorry. When he finished, she came to me, forced to win my face, cherish Rub two. You go, when back My eyes do not live up to expectations of the red. Rice sand take his eyes staring at the gravel, said I do not know, this time my dad pain decision, he and I both go away, are for him, I see if he can not see that fat, he will Rabies, see anyone bite. Do not rely on me Said the gravel, obviously you love field frustration, crying clamor to go abroad, I just worry that you do not I get it, so I gave life to accompany a.

Fidget Cube Beige runching sound, my ears as if no longer hear any sound. I only saw him holding the bottle fidget cube 3 pack half lying on the ground, I did not hear his hard cry, did not hear the sound of the wine bottle fell to the ground, I just ran upstairs, my The room was locked up. This time I did not drop a tear. I m just tired. I lay on my little bed, from the little window in the attic, counting the clouds that had floated. One, two, three. Every one of the sun was dyed bright red, so intoxicating. I do not know what crazy he made, I do not want to guess and care, I just count fidget cube mediumvioletred my clouds, one, two, three, and I do not know what to do, Four, blossoming red, blossoming intoxicating. In fact, the next day I react, it is the night, where there will be any clouds I am also crazy, really crazy, they are crazy. This is a matter of time. That night I do not know when to sleep is a few, very strange, I dream of Xu Lin, she dressed like a bride, hair cut very short, she reached out to touch my face, people But suddenly disappeared in the fidget cube beige air. When I opened my eyes, I heard someone knocking on the door of my little attic and whispered to my name, Wake up, wake up. I struggled to get up and open the door. Road to bend in, watching the bleary eyed I said all noon, how do you still sleep.difficult to breathe, the joints issued a crack sound, like to be the erection of the rolling mill crushing. Filled the floor of the fear, I wrapped the layers. Cry, not call, can not break free. The body is like a dried pomfret, viscera almost curled to the limit. Momo how I like you, like Momo He whispering, the other hand to me to embrace him embrace. I suddenly seemed to wake up like crazy with his left foot soles step on him, shaking the body to seek to break free. He staggered a few steps, the body lost balance on the wall. I frantically legs, exhausted to run away. When I got home, my father s room light was on. I kicked the shoes into the attic, quickly closed the door, and then got into the quilt, with his arm around his head, trying to control their own do not tremble but still shaking. I have not slept, the middle of the night when I get up, go downstairs to find food. 1 day did not eat me, in just half an hour under the chewing of 11 dry instant noodles. No other food at home, only lying on the ground in the big box of Master Kong instant noodles. I will turn the box upside down, just take the bread, hold it in my hand, go upstairs. Back to the attic, gently with the door. I knelt on the f.


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